Thursday, 20 September 2012


Wow,wow, wow, oh. my. gosh

The day has arrived.
Today I sent off my UCAS form.
It is finished.
It is done.
Well, except for the part where the college now receives it and adds my reference to it. But besides that (which will probably take a week), I've done it.
I've applied for medicine.
Wish me luck guys!

For the next few weeks, my posts will mainly be on stuff for interview prep!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Catch uppppppp

Oh. My. Gosh. Guys. 

September 2012 is here, which only means one thing. Medical deadlines are next month. But first off, let me start with how A2 is going. Well, we only started like 6 days ago (not including weekends) and I'm already soooo tired! I honestly believe I've done more work in this week than in my whole AS year. Its that tiring, believe it or not. A2 requires a lot more effort and hard work. Just chilling is not going to get you by! I'm practically trying to extend the hours I'm awake so this means roughly 6 hours sleep so I have 18 hours to put as much work in as possible. The workload is a lot, so much dedication is required. I can't what until school ends so I can just sleep!

You guys remember I have a job at the GP, right? Well yes I'm still working there. I do mainly Saturdays  The only thing is Saturdays is really quiet! Not many patients come in, so its mainly just scanning and filing for me. The summer hols were way busier! But I'm still learning about how the GP works and stuff, so its still an interesting experience for me.

Its going to be such a busy week for me, I have volunteering tomorrow, I meet my mentor on Wednesday (from SMF; see previous posts all about that), that day I also meet my mentees in the lower sixth which I'm excited about and Thursday I return to my drama classes after school. I've really missed them. Finally Saturday, I have work again. But its all good. I'm happy I have a lot of free time in my timetable because I can catch up with homework and stuff.

Back to the whole medical school application thing. A lot of people I've met who wanted to be doctors have all fallen out of the game. That is how serious and competitive medicine is. It actually hurt me, so many who seemed so much more passionate than me have all dropped out due to one reason of the other. Sometimes, I still question whether it will soon be me dropping out soon too. But the support I've received from my friends, family and even some readers here have been immense, and I'd like to say thank you for the support and for reading the blog! But on another positive note, I'm very close to finishing my UCAS application, it should be ready to submit by next week or so.

Heres where I've decided to apply:

  • Leeds A100
  • Bristol A100
  • Nottingham A100
  • Kings EMDP (Extended Medical Degree Programme)
  • Queen Marys (Chemistry + Biochemistry)
So yeah, those are the luck 5 universities I've chosen. If I do get rejected, I'll be more than happy to take a gap year and reapply. It will give me a chance to focus more on my grades which are really important. 

So thats really been a catch up of September so far. Its going to be a long 9 months or short; my teachers keep saying it will whizz by. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't petrified. To be growing up so fast, woooow. Time really does go fast.

I really do wish every other medical applicant (or non medical) the best of luck in this UCAS cycle. I'm sure you'll do well and get offers! 
Good luck!!!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ok sooo....

I've been reflecting on this journey and I've realised a lot of friends of mine who wanted to do medicine have all dropped out. I've survived this long, and I feel like its time for me to bow out of the race too. I've been having doubts whether to continue as others around me doubt whether its possible for me to get in. Of course, leading to me in believing them and just feeling like its time to end this journey. I'm seriously contemplating whether I want to continue this journey or not; its been a great ride and all, but it is a lot of stress but that's what I love. But I love medicine as a whole but I'm seriously doubting my abilities now. I'm losing hope.

If I was to continue heres where I'd apply to now:

  • Hull York
  • Bristol
  • Lancaster/Leeds
  • Keele
And Queens as a back-up to study Chemistry and biochemistry. Whether its time to let the journey end, I cannot be sure....