Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ok, Its been a while, right!


Hey guys, its been a while right?! I've noticed my last post was in November and it is now Dec 27th ! So over  month! And what a month it has been!

I haven't been posting because its been a busy month preparing for Jan exams and mock interviews and stuff. I also had no internet for the last month either and posting on my phone was really annoying. I had mock interviews in Nov/Dec and I went to a lecture at the RSM (Royal Society of Medicine in London - Central, that is) by Max Pemberton himself! I was excited! The famous doctor who wrote "Trust Me, I'm a Junior Doctor" and its sequel, "Where does it hurt?" What an awesome lecture it was. 

And in terms of my UCAS application, nothing so far! I've had a few emails from Leeds saying we wouldn't hear anything until the new year and I'm guessing its the same now for my other medical schools so I really won't be posting until then. Right now, it has just been revision, stalking The Student Room stalking threads and waiting.

Waiting is really draining. Hopefully I get some results in the new year though.

Until then, Happy New Year!