Websites I recommend!

Here are some websites I used to help with my research about medicine and the career.

Will be continuously updated throughout my application!

For revision:

Edexcel AS/A2 Biology:

Biology Mad - Even though its not the same exam board (AQA, I think) , it still has amazing notes on relevant topics!

Biology Guide - Again same as the Biology Mad website

Biology Innovation - Great website, doesn't really have detailed notes.

AS Biology revision guide - I bought this cheaply on amazon! Was fantastic on summarising key information you needed to know, especially just before the exams! I've also heard the CGP ones are good too!

AS Biology revision guide - published by Philip Alan - These ones are fantastic, each revision book focuses on each unit and gives model answers for questions in the back of the book!

OCR AS/A2 Chemistry: 

Chem guide - Really good and detailed notes too.

Doc Brown - This isn't just for OCR but any exam board. This website is brilliant, comes with diagrams! Which are very useful if you're a visual learner like me :)

Knockhardy - THE best website for printable chemistry notes. There was a point where I actually got addicted to printing out knockhardy notes instead of doing my own.

Sci2 Chemistry - Has past papers! I'd recommend doing some pre-2008 papers as well. It really helps!

Edexcel Maths:

Exam Solutions - Edexcel - Has other examboards too

Sci2 Maths - For if you don't have the CD that comes with the maths textbooks, has solution bank

MyMaths! - Only if your school/college is subscribed to it though!

OCR Religious Studies:

Philosophical Investigations - Useful notes on most topics! This is helpful to any examboard!


Sci2 Medicine - Has really good PDF file on medical interviews and another on medical ethics!! Really really helpful! CHECK IT OUT

Medical Careers NHS - A little outdated, but still some useful information

TSR - Medicine - The Student Room is THE best forum for all students. Has information on most things you want to know about medicine or university. You can chat to current med students and the information is always updated! SOOOOO USEFUL

Taste of Medicine - Set up by St Georges. Very useful, interactive and gives a lot of helpful tips when it comes to medicine!

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  1. Hiya!

    I would definitely recommend that you check out UniReq ( for your medicine applications. It includes the most up to date entry requirements to several courses including medicine and has information on UKCAT cutoffs from previous years too! =]

    If you don't mind doing a review of UniReq, I would happily post a backlink to your blog on this page:

    Check out the site! It has already been used thousands of times by applicants around the world.