Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21st Feb 2012

Woahhh! Where did that time fly to?!

Time has flown by.
Anyway, just here updating whats been going on so far.
So obviously January exams are over, but we are getting our results back in two weeks (8th March) so fingers crossed I did well. I've still been doing my volunteering at the hospital, in the acute medicine ward.
Very busy, so don't really do much, but I have observed and reflected a lot so I'll be making a post of that soon.

I've also started looking at universities I would hopefully apply for, so maybe I'll do a post on that later too. I've booked some open days at UCL and Imperial just to check them out. My plan is to apply for two unis in London and two out of London. I love London so much, I think I may stay in the end! So looking forward to that.

There's also an event being held at the Royal Society of Medicine, a medical careers day on the 5th March, which I am also very looking forward to as well. I really love going to medical taster sessions such as those because it is a chance to find out more about the sort of profession you're most likely to spend your life doing. Really excited. Its on the week I get my results so I will be terrified as well! Its kind of freaky how you will attend a careers day on Medicine, finding out about the entry requirements and then a few days later you find out whether you have the potential to get into medicine with your grades. Scary thought!

I really really really need to get my arse in gear when it comes to finding work experience! I've been so lazy on that front!

Anyway, I'll do those posts on the universities and my volunteering in a short while.

Until then, Happy Studying!! *If thats possible*

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