Friday, 23 September 2011

23rd Sept 2011

Right, so far:

  • Emailed around for some work experience. 
  • Writing a letter asking for work experience.
  • Signed up for some medical lectures taking place at Kings College London (My future med school, hopefully *crosses fingers*
  • I've read the "Getting into medical school 2011 entry" book, I'll read it again, highlighting the good advice parts.
  • Got a trip next Wednesday to the Hunterian (?) Museum, there's a special medical day going on.
I feel like I actually have a chance to get into medicine! Yayyyyy!
I just need to get my head down and get the best grades (and good predictions) too!
There's an enrichment fair on Tuesday, we get to choose some extra-curricular activities ! So looking forward to that. I saw the price for the New Scientist (£3.50) so hopefully I'll be buying that like fortnightly although it comes out weekly. Argh it'll pain me man. I love reading the New Scientist, I got hooked after I used to read some interesting articles in my year 11 science class. I think doing triple science made me passionate about science.

I'm not sure if I'll be writing here regularly because of school and stuff. But I'll try too, because I think its easier for me to just go back and remember!

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