Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Update - 11th April 2012

So just a quick update before I go and revise.

Right, so half term is nearly done - I'm really sad to see it go. Meaning that exams are coming and time is running fast! Exams start in just under 3/4 weeks - absolutely terrified on the inside, calm on the outside. I need to make sure I work really hard to get and secure those grades so in September I know whether medicine is a definite and accessible option for me. I honestly have no back-ups if everything goes wrong, I really can't see myself doing biomedical sciences, so they would be no point in applying to university this year and paying 9K fees for a course I don't enjoy.

So 10 exams to prepare for and the first is on the 15th May, I need to be prepared. Totally dedicate time towards my studies. So afterwards I can relax and par-tayyyy! *cringe* - but realistically probably start preparing for the UKCAT, making sure I ace that too.

So I'm going off now, just a quick update from me.

Be sure to leave comments, I love hearing other opinions and tips.
Good luck with any exams (if you have any)
Happy Revising! =)


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