Sunday, 29 April 2012

Updateee! 29th April 2012

On Tuesday 24th April 2012 (earlier this week) I got to meet my mentor since I do the SMF programme (Social Mobility Foundation), he's a consultant in emergency medicine. So that was cool. We spoke a lot and he gave me a lot of information on what happens after you graduate. Its now put in perspective how medicine is a lifetime career (but you can leave anytime you want) but its exciting to see what lies ahead in the next couple of years!

Plus exams start in 2 weeks - yikes! So I'm getting nervous, I'm working really hard at the moment, I'm seeing a lot of good grades I'm happy with, so hopefully my August results can reflect that. So I'll be off here for quite some time!

Plus UKCAT booking open next week!! So I will be booking my UKCAT for the end of August, so if all goes well on results day, I'll continue forth to do the test, if all doesn't go so well then I can cancel it and hopefully get my money back. Plus more time to prepare!!

So yeah, thats pretty much it for the update. Just few more weeks til exams season gets here. I'm going to work immensely hard. Hopefully its all worth it!!!

Good luck with any exams you have! (if you have any)

Happy Revising! =)

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