Friday, 18 May 2012

Mid-Exam Update


Just a short update.
I've done 5 exams this week (F321, G571, G572, C1, S1), 5 exams left.
I really don't know how I've done. C1 kind of demolished my confidence though.
I have serious doubts on whether I'll get the grades. All my teachers believe I can get A's in their subjects, so I'm seriously doubting it. But we'll see how I'll get on in August.

Also, this blog was spotted by a website recently.
They're interested in me doing a weekly blog, similar to this on their website.
The website is Career Gym. They do UKCAT practice, which we all know is quite vital for entry to med school!

Good luck on the rest of your exams (if you have any)!
I hope you all do well.

God knows I've tried.



  1. Interesting blog here. All the best for your exam!! :)