Saturday, 2 June 2012

2nd June 2012 - Post exam update

So today is the 2nd June (Obviously, going by the post title) and I have officially finished all my exams!!
WOOOOOOOP! Had my final exam yesterday which was a further maths module FP1 (Edexcel), it was alright. But now just looking forward to results day to see what I actually got.

Right so since it is half term next week, I have a lot of things to do. Yesterday, I printed out a list (about 4 pages) of GPs local to me. I plan to go round to them during half term so ask if there is a possibility of getting work experience during the summer. I might as well give it a try anyway, and besides I need to be a bit more pro-active when it comes to getting work experience. So hopefully I manage to tempt a doctor round to giving me work experience!

Also, need to start preparing for the UKCAT, since we're already in June and mine is in August! Not really feeling confident about to be honest. I'm honestly petrified of it! I really need to practice the quantitative reasoning and abstract reasoning! They are quite difficult sections. I think with a little more practice the other 2 sections should be fine.

Plus when we go back to school after half term on the 14th (I'll be going back on the 15th, have to go to a conference - more about that later), we have to start all our UCAS stuff, so that means opening an account and filling all the details on the form. This is quite an exciting prospect but also scary! It means that all this is real and  it is going to happen eventually. I still kind of feel like it should be pushed back, time is moving to quick for my liking! But this was inevitable - it has to happen at sometime, whether I'm ready or not. I suppose its the fear of not making it. Travelling so far but never reaching the goal. I guess I have to think positively, right?

I also have to start thinking about my personal statement! I have one drafted but its not exactly good, so the summer will be spent on drafting up a perfect medical personal statement - perfect for me, anyway.

Plus going back to school means we start the A2 syllabus which I'm really excited for! So this time I have to focus harder and right my revision notes earlier! I received my new timetable yesterday via post, I don't have to go to my RS lessons anymore, so more free periods which I'll spend preparing for the UKCAT or just doing research into some medical news/NHS/progressive medical research etc. So really looking forward to more free time!

But now, exams are over, the hard work is not exactly finished, but I'll find the strength to continue working hard. I'll relax during the summer holiday of 2013. :P I'll love to hear more from my readers so leave comments on the blog!

Good luck to any A2s with exams still to go!



  1. Medical entrance needs a lots of hard work. Keep going. You're in 12th grade?? Or in college?? All the best for your UKCAT!

  2. Thanks! I'm in 6th form - so year 12!