Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Okay, guys I've got a dilemma...

Right, as you all know I've sent off my UCAS form, but thankfully my reference hasn't been added yet. From my previous posts, I told you guys that I went to the BSMS open day and I loved it! But unfortunately, my AS grades (I thought) weren't good enough but I recently received an email from one of the admissions tutors saying :

Hello Satta

Sorry for the delay

We prefer to see AS grades, but if they are missing or poor then we will look at GCSE’s.

I sent him an email asking about whether they prefer to see AS results. I'm not sure if mine are poor - BBBCD, B's in Bio, Chem and Maths - but my GCSE grades are far better. I've been predicted AAA as well. I really loved BSMS when I went to the open day. What do I do? I need to ask for my college to send back my application form so I can change my fifth option anyway, I'm changing from chem and biochem at Queen Mary's to just biochem. Plus I'm really considering changing Nottingham to BSMS. But is it worth the risk? What do I do? But applying to medicine is a risk in itself anyway but I'm so confused!

I need some advice please!



  1. I think you should apply for BSMS. If the entry requirements are the same for Nottingham and BSMS you should pick the one you like out of both of them and plus they've sent you an email telling you that they will look at your GCSE's so go for it but it's honestly up to you :)

  2. Pick the one you are most likely going to get into, every med school is brilliant, and once you get started you won't care much about where you go, I luckily got into my first choice but Barts got back to me last, only after my 2nd and 3rd choice both rejected me, so peninsula my 4th choice (at the start of my application) was likely to be my firm and I wasn't that bothered if Barts (my 1st choice) was going to give me the offer because I had started to love peninsula at the moment, trust me getting in is the only thing that matters, where you get in is just a luxury. Good Luck :)