Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I was supposed to do this yesterday but things got in the way...

But yes, as my title suggests, yesterday (23/10/12) I got an email from UCAS. "Something has changed on your track" - when I saw it, my heart started beating fast, I was shaking, I was so nervous! I quickly logged onto to track and what do I see....


Queen Mary, University of London has only gone and given me an offer of ABB in 3 GCE subjects! WOOOP! For Biochemistry, mind you!

So I've DEFINITELY got a chance of getting into university next year. The way I'm seeing it, if I don't get into medicine next year (God forbid) I'll go do the biochemistry degree and see where life takes me!

Now I have to wait until the others start giving out interviews, hopefully I have a shot then!

Plus tomorrow, I have a medical interview prep thing tomorrow at a grammar school local to mine, so I'm looking forward to that. I haven't really done much practice with interviews to be fair, so doing this should give me a kick in the right direction.

But its late, and I do have to be in school early, so I'm off.
I'll post tomorrow with some interview advice and tips!



  1. Oh my gosh!
    Congratulations on your conditional offer to do Biochem! :D