Monday, 5 November 2012


Just a really short reminder for myself and an update for you guys!

First day back after half term. Even harder work begins today. We're in the last weeks before January exams! Ahhh scaryyyy!

Plus, I need to do posts on 

  • Work, maybe some stories and what I've learnt a few weekends ago
  • Interview tips! Yes, I went to a mini session on interview tips given by a speaker from Nottingham university. Very interesting.
  • Health stories? I'm going to see if I can start posting up some recent health and medical news up on here for myself and for you guys as well! Including background research and stuff
  • Some of my interview prep stuff.
  • General things
But yeah, those are coming up very soon - as soon as I'm free! I'm so busy trying to stay on top of my work.

Until then, just got to push myself!



  1. Hi! Just gotta say, I absolutely love your blog! I'm also a year 13, hoping to apply for medicine after a gap year (not the greatest of ASs :/) I just wanted to ask, what do you find is the most efficient method to study? I got AS grades that were sort of similar to yours and I'm just researching different techniques. I really hope we both make it to medical school! :D

    1. Thanks! You will get into school with such dedication and determination! I have faith you will!! How I revise? What I do is I tend to make loads of notes to make sure I grasp the concept of what I am learning. Personally, it really helps if I read the book as well because when I read it, it tends to make the concepts way easier. Using different resources as well helps like powerpoints or making notes on microsoft word. You can get amazing resources from which is something I use on a regular basis. I've noticed it may not be your revision techniques that may be wrong but the time
      you study too. I know for myself I absolutely cannot revise in the night, I work best in the morning. So work out when best your brain absorbs information and revise then. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks so much! is SUCH great resource! Haha, it should make Biology a lot breezier! It's amazing you were able to get a job at GP. That's like the best experience, next to working in a hospital! But how do you find the time to fit it in?! Lol, I feel so lazy reading your blog. I don't even have a job and still have to squeeze in studying. :/

    1. No problem! Yes, getrevising is sooo good, I use it all the time. Nothing really beats it! To be really honest, when you asked that question of how do I fit it all in, I actually really don't know. I suppose my college timetable has a lot of free periods in it, so I make sure I'm in school early and leave late so I can get all my work done in school. I would try to do some at home too (if I have energy left).

      Don't worry about finding a job, a lot of people are in that boat and to be honest, it would be far better to focused on your work and revision rather than working because it is hard balancing the two. Trust me, it is hard but I have to make it work! Getting that job there was just so lucky! I never thought I'd be offered a job in a GP!

  3. Hi! I was just wondering:
    You haven't posted in a while, but have you gotten any more offers yet? :D

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