Thursday, 28 June 2012

Brighton and Sussex Medical School Open Day!

Wow, today was interesting!

I loved the medical school, so definitely applying!

Main Presentation

First we had a presentation from the Dean of the medical school. He mentioned that the medical school has more of an hands on clinical experience - which is perfect - and its a small, friendly and supportive atmosphere which is fantastic considering they only have a small year group meaning that everyone will get to know each other and obviously support one another so it'll be like a small medical family - d'awwww. The course is more patient focused so there is earlier clinical contact. So you get to brush up on the social side of being a doctor from early on in the course - Brilliant! There is a strong science base with research-informed teaching. The course structure is an integrated systems based approach and is modular. So for example, in the first year, you'd do foundations of health and diseases for 10 weeks, then heart lungs and blood for 10 weeks then nutrition metabolism and excretion for 10 weeks. So I really like the whole systems based thing because everything is closely linked together! A high proportion of the years 1 and 2 is taught in small groups which is good because you don't get as easily distracted as you would in a huge lecture!

Dissection room tour

We had a tour of the dissection room! This opportunity made me so excited as many medical schools don't show this during their open day. There were some cadavers there but they were wrapped up in plastic and we weren't allowed to touch them due to Human Tissue Authority regulations. So another bonus point of BSMS is that the anatomy teaching is that is it so intergrated so you'd do cadaver dissection, living anatomy (which I talk about on the BSMS roadshow in a previous post), imaging, prosection, models and so much more! So all different types of learning styles are tended to.

On the way there!

Uni of Sussex buildings

Again, Uni of Sussex buildings

Anatomy model

Sphygmomanometer - Used to check blood pressure, which my mum did on me!

Giant heart model

Uni of Brighton building

View of the Sussex campus from the Brighton Campus
There was also a clinical skills talk and Uni of Brighton tour where we got to see the Paddock Field halls of residence. Its so nice. Its really cool that the two universities are directly opposite each other.

Overall, I really liked BSMS. So I'm DEFINITELY applying here!

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  1. never thought I'd find medicine interesting but it looks exciting ! Great blog :) Good luck with everything ! xx