Saturday, 30 June 2012

A little time for reflection maybe?

School is coming to an end for the summer holidays, so a lot of things need to be done before then! Still need to get some work experience. I must continue searching around! It really annoys me, I really have slacked off getting work experience and left it too late. Although I have applied to certain places just need to get a reply from them, and I worry about finding more in case any dates of work experience clashes. But what happens if I have no work experience for the summer?! This is why I am annoyed and angry at myself for delaying and slacking off my search for work experience. I have applied to UCLH through the Target Medicine Scheme I do with UCL, applied directly to the local hospital - got a reply saying they hope to get back to me within 6 weeks (Which is far to long!) and also through SMF (Social Mobility Foundation, another scheme I'm part of) who claims to be looking for internships for us! So hopefully something does come through and I manage to get work experience.

Personal statement needs to be drafted up. My tutor wants our first draft next week. 4000 characters to do before next Tuesday - Can I write that much about myself? Eeeek, hopefully it turns out alright. I need it to be perfect for when I return back to school in September. Plus I need to make sure I'm fully aware of where I will be applying to and whether I'm roughly sure I stand a good chance of getting in. So my UCAS form needs to be somewhat nearly complete by the time I get back to school in early September.

I also have to do more UKCAT preparation. I find myself becoming lazy with it. *Sighs* The UKCAT actually frustrates me, probably it may be that I have a fear of it? Can anyone actually advise me how to overcome this potential fear of the UKCAT? I just feel like every time I open the 600 UKCAT Q's, I feel like I can't be bothered and give up and end up closing the book again. I feel like it is to difficult and way above my ability. But mind you, this is not how I react to every difficult situation, I usually push through it and ignore the fact that giving up exists, but why am I doing this when it comes to the UKCAT? Things do need to change. Hopefully when school closes for the summer next week, I can dedicate at least 30 minutes each day doing some UKCAT prep.

But Good Luck to everyone else sitting their UKCAT this summer. And to results day!
Hopefully we all get what we want. I should be doing more frequent posts as school is closing for the summer next week and I need to update you guys on my UKCAT progress! Wahey! I hope I grow to love the challenge of the UKCAT, which I think I will. ;P


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