Saturday, 14 July 2012

Practice UKCAT?

I just did a practice UKCAT test at the following link - which is free! I've attached my results as you can see. Heres more detail if its not so clear (oops, sorry):

In total = 59/87 67.81%

Verbal Reasoning 18/24 75%
Abstract Reasoning 11/25 44% SUCKS
Decision Analysis 12/14 85.71% BOO YAHH! My favourite section
Quantative Reasoning 18/24 75% I'm ok with this

As you can see, I totally suck at the AR section. I just can't recognise the patterns! I really need to practice this section a lot. But to be fair this practice was quite easy. I just need to prepare to the UKCAT daily, so when I'm closer I'll do some intense prep for it. Hopefully I do really well! I'm aiming for a score of 700+ to make up for the fact I've only got 4A*s at GCSE. *sighs*

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  1. Nothing wrong with 4A*s at gcse. I had the same, and got an av. ukcat score of 624, so don't panic too much