Thursday, 8 March 2012

8th March 2012 - Results Day

So today was results day for the Jan modules, here is what I got:

Decision Mathematics 58/100 D
Core 1 79/100 B - 1 UMS off an A! (so annoyed)
Core 2 70/100 B
Biology (Edexcel 6BIO1) 98/120 A
Chemistry (OCR F321) 61/90 C - 1 raw mark from a B! (annoyed again)
RS (OCR G572) 53/100 D

SOOOOO resitting Core 1 and 2,chemistry and RS!

I know if I resit these exams I can get A's! So working increasingly harder now.

On the plus side, my BSMS (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) prospectus came today!
Beautiful prospectus.
Loving the course structure! 

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