Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Update: 14th March 2012 - Busy Busy Busy

Just a current update as I am bored of revising.

Recently got my BSMS (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) and HYMS (Hull York Medical School) 2013 prospectuses. I really love the look of BSMS, I can really see myself there, but that will have to be confirmed when I visit them during one of their open days.

UCL sent their ticket for their open day which I'll be attending on the 26th March. Imperial sent a letter, which I'll be attending on the 25th April. Imperial is a risky decision as I'm not totally sure if I would like to go there.

Anyway, I've been really busy revising, trying to boost up my grades and prepare for the next set of exams which will be upon us in a few weeks time. I have to be prepared so I have to organised my time efficiently. I have 10 exams in the summer period, and I have to try and get As or Bs in those exams. So this is not going to be an easy time.

I also have to start preparing for the UKCAT. I'm really worried as it looks hard, so I will try and input at least an hour a day on it using the book I have. I really need to check if I could possibly get my hands on more UKCAT books!

Next, week is very busy for me. I miss 3 days of school. Two of those are spent with me visiting my college's other site and having a talk on studying medicine, this is run by students from BSMS (YAYYYY!!) so looking forward to that. Then the other is spent on the careers day, my college holds with universities setting up stalls and such to kind of "promote" their university, so looking forward to collecting more prospectuses!

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