Wednesday, 14 March 2012

University options

These are subject to changes!!
So the medical schools I'm interested in....

  • UCL 
  • Imperial (Maybe, they're quite strict with their standards)
  • Kings College London
  • Barts and The London (Queen Marys)
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School
  • University of East Anglia


  1. Hey, cool blog, I've enjoyed reading through. I like your chose of Med schools (especially Barts as thats my firm), but I might have some bad news. I see you really like UCL, however I also read you wish to resit some of your modules, from what I have known from 2012 applications, is that UCL do not like resit in modules (I could be wrong), I just don't want you applying there and then being unsuccessful due to you not knowing that, however they have in the past accepted module resits from AS students, they are one of the med schools that do frown upon it, just email them and ask if you don't know this :). Plus do not get tied down with these Uni's and have a look at so many other med schools, I originally was only looking at london med schools (I've always wanted to live in london) but I luckily companioned a friend to a exeter uni open day, and I love it so much that I applied to peninsula, and only after applied to one london med school after going to many more open days, it was at these open days that I realised I wanted to go to a PBL based med school instead of a traditional lecture based like imperial,UCL and Kings, so I didn't apply there. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it! Yes, when I went to UCL's open day the admissions tutor said they didnt mind resits at AS, its at A2 you must try to avoid them. Regarding the medical schools, my mind is constantly changing! The one that is only definite is UCL! The others I'm not so sure about, so who knows I might choose some others later in the year!