Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 4 - 5 Work Experience 9/08/12 - 10/08/12

As you can see day 3 isn't there, I didn't turn up for my third day as I wasn't feeling well. I felt really bad about not going but I was finding it hard to even get up and do anything. Female troubles, eh *hint hint*. I'm doing a joint post of Day 4 and 5 because its like a hazy blur and I can't distinguish what happened on each day. I was basically doing the same thing for both days anyway.

Scanning. Filing. Scanning. Filing. Occasional call from patient.

Yes, it that order repeatedly for 6 hours. It was slightly dull but I did learn a LOT about patient interface whilst being a receptionist at the GP. A lot of patients do have high expectations for the GP practice and from being in the receptionist's seat, it is quite difficult trying to deal with such problems. For example, we have a patient around 80 years old and is house bound. Has constant complains about her ear and legs. She lives alone. The doctor has done a home visit and thought she was fine but yet she keeps calling in requesting for the doctor to come and visit her, we suggested a district nurse so we said we'll contact them and get back to her. It was quite difficult getting through to the local hospitals requesting a district nurse, yet the patient keeps calling in claiming we aren't doing enough. Through this I've learnt, that as patients we underestimate and underappreciate the hard work doctors and staff alike do. They try their hardest but we can't see it. So I really do appreciate what the staff do. 

So that was a patient that really stuck in my head, so at the end of the day, the doctor was pleased with the work we had done during the week and offered us a job there. :) So I've sent in my stuff ie NI Card, proof of address etc. Hopefully should hear from them soon. Although it may seem silly, I'm not sure if its a paid one though. I hope it is!

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