Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Right, first things first, my UKCAT score!!

I know I was supposed to post it after doing the test, but I was upset about it. Even though its not bad, I thought I had no chance with my score! But eventually I got over it, and realised I still have a shot at getting in - no room for negative thoughts here!!!

Heres what I got:

Verbal Reasoning - 570
Quantitative Reasoning - 590
Abstract Reasoning - 660
Decision Analysis - 660

Average - 620

When I worked out the average, I panicked and was like "Oh no! I have no hope!" I instantly started planning a gap year. but I believe I still a chance! How could I assume I have no chance if I hadn't applied yet? My grades can be predicted AAA, I've had work experience and voluntary work. My personal statement is coming along great! Why would I not have a shot? 

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