Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Well, as part of the UCL Target Medicine scheme, they obviously prepare us for entry into medicine. So a few weeks ago (11 July 2012) we did a timed UKCAT mock, which I eventually found out was the mock in the back of the 600Q book but that doesn't matter its practice and I could do it again. But anyway here is my results:

Abstract Reasoning: 375
Decision Analysis: 731
Quantitative Reasoning: 310
Verbal Reasoning: 368 
Average: 446

As you can see, this isn't a great average! But it was my first time, so I'll take this as a learning curve, and obviously practice makes perfect. The timing is quite difficult especially in the AR and QR sections, they definitely require more thinking time, so I need to practice those sections more. But I am well chuffed with my decision analysis score so I'm not so much worried about that, I have my technique and it clearly does work!

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