Friday, 17 August 2012

My Results!

So heres what I predicted a few days ago what I'll get:

Biology - A
Chemistry - B
Maths - B
Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics) - B
Further Maths - U

Heres what I actually got:

Biology - B (aac)
Chemistry - B (abc)
Maths - B (aac)  - 2 UMS from A :(
Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics) - C (bc)
Further Maths - D (bdu)

Initially I was upset with what I got. But now that I've slept on it, I'm ok because I still have a chance to get AAA in the main subjects! So obviously I'll be continuing biology, chemistry and maths at A2. I'll be working REALLY hard to get A's next year - possibly even an A*? It did hurt, now I have to forget about applying to UCL, because I've heard they like high module grades so I have no chance. So now I have to do more research into what medical schools I can apply to. I still have my UKCAT to do, so no rational decisions will be made until I've done my UKCAT. But I do believe I still have a chance because I will have a strong profile before I apply! But hey, life goes on, my AS grades will not stop me from achieving my dream, even if I do end up doing post-grad medicine. 

The thing is with medicine, it is never 100% definite! You may have the strongest profile but there is still a chance you won't get it, so why should I give up! Regarding the further maths grade, my maths teacher said that he'll allow me to resit the certain modules that brought my grade down even though I'm not continuing it for A2. But overall I'm quite pleased with the B's in the main subjects - it means I still have a chance and shouldn't give up!


  1. Well done Satta, looks like you've got great grades! I completely agree with you, I was quite disheartened that my results weren't all amazing, but with hard work they can all improve to A's next year! Keep praying and working hard! x