Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Results day jitters

Ok, today is the 14th August 2012 and its two days until results day arrives.

I'm doing this post to predict what I will get on results day because I have just seen the grade boundaries and now I'm scared. I wasn't before but seeing the grade boundaries have made it sink in more. So here are my predictions for my AS results:

Biology - A
Chemistry - B
Maths - B
Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics) - B
Further Maths - U

Not too bad but does this limit the medical schools I can apply too if I can still apply to medical school? This worries me. Now the grade boundaries have put a big fear in me. Will it be the end of my journey into medicine?

Good luck to other AS/A2 students getting their results on Thursday!
Lets all hope for the best!

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