Friday, 17 August 2012

Day at work?

If you don't know, I got a job at a GP working as a receptionist, BONUS I get money and I get to put it on my personal statement! Anyway today was my second day and guess what?

I was left on my own with a work experience girl! Initially I wasn't worried because it seemed quiet today but then the patients started rolling in! It was quite difficult because we didn't know everything, but it was a very good learning experience.

I've touched on this before but communicating with foreign patients is extremely difficult, especially if they don't speak or understand a word of english. But to overcome this today, I had to write a note and the patient gave to someone they knew who spoke english so that was ok. We tried signing when we spoke but it was clear she wasn't understanding what we were saying so the note method was used.

But today was an enormous learning curve and it was an amazing feeling to be trusted to lock up the GP. I really did learn a lot, medicine is a whole lot more than just doctors and diagnosing. Theres a whole team of people who help with the healthcare of others. I feel I have gained more understanding of the career I'm going into and it is an amazing feeling.

Now, just need to keep preparing for the UKCAT. I may still have a chance. My journey into medicine is not over yet.

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